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Something I actually finished before the drawing in my last upload.
So this is genderbent Xey, Nay and Extasy cosplaying as Loki, Odin and Thor. 

This will always be my favorite crossover of all timesxD

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Random Wyvern.
2 hours

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The love bird

or something

i don’t know, dragon thing agian.

Xey is totally going to grab that booty<3<3<3

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That new thing with Hermione and Harry

Am I actually the only one who thinks that it was the right decision of JK Rowling to make Hermione and Ron a couple and not Hermione and Harry? Regardless of what Rowling herself said about it: I think that I would have liked the ending she would have written if she hadn’t kept her actual plot, a lot less.
OF COURSE you cannot say something like that before even getting a chance to read that alternative plot and I am aware that you naturally don’t like good things to be changed, even for a greater thing.
The constellation of couples as they became (Harry & Ginny and Hermione & Ron) were a wonderful and symbolic representation of the deep bond Harry and Hermione had with the Weasley family. They not only shared half of their childhood with them, they also decided to make them part of their own family, which -in my eyes- was a rounded and well deserved ending for such a big story.
I fear that the distance between them would be far greater if Harry and Ginny and Hermione and Ron would not have married.

When I read Rowlings new statement about not being happy with her final decision, I was very upset about it.

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Upps I did it again

Servantship, 1,5 hours

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Had nothing better to do.

1,5 h

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I just decided that 2014 will be my year.

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Oeeeyh an OC

Ealendyr, annoying birds.

Somewhat under 20 Minutes

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My harpie ladys are getting smaller and cuter with every new fanart.
Wanted to line a messy sketch for the sake of plain boredom.  Took me about 2 hours for everything. Maybe less.
I would love to see this coloured, but I cannot do it myself at the moment because of the lack of time. If someone wants to colour is digitally, they can message me with their email address or so. I could send them a proper photo so they could make the lines transparent in Photoshop etc.

Messed up the wings entirely.

If you live near Banbury, UK , I would even hand out the original xD

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About a week ago I was sitting in the weavery and got bored over the tea break and so I took some of the very cheap felt tips children always use to colour all these colouring books and stuff and I drew with them again for the first time in 13 years. This is no person in particular,  I just drew what came to my mind and which was possible to be drawn with the small amount of colours available (there were more but I was too lazy to stand up and get them). Kinda a strange feeling to see how much you’ve actually improved compared to what you were drawing 10 and more years ago…